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In order to play Simunomics, you must be using a Javascript-enabled browser. Javascript technology is necessary in this game for purposes like input validation and screen layouts. We don't use it to change any settings, or for ads, or to collect data about you, or for redirection to 3rd party sites. We don't ask you to install any software. And Simunomics works in any updated version of your favorite browser. But it does require Javascript.

Therefore, if you are using a script blocker such as the Noscript extension for Firefox, you don't have to remove it - but you do have to tell it about us. This is simple to do, because Noscript anticipated just this sort of situation:

Instructions for Noscript

  1. Right-click anywhere on the page.
  2. Find the line for NoScript
  3. Select "Allow"

(Other versions may place an icon on your toolbar, or pop up a window at the bottom of the screen. Use whatever method is simplest for you).

Enabling Simunomics through your scriptblocker will enable you to enjoy this site's features while remaining safe from the threats of browsing at large.

Once you have enabled Javascript, reload this page and this message will disappear.